Permanent Eyebrows? Say What?

What exactly is microblading? We’ve been seeing more and more beauty influencers getting these permanent eyebrow tattoos done and it seems crazy but here’s the tea. Basically, microblading is just like an eyebrow tattoo with specialized techniques that allow the aesthetician to create very realistic, thin hair like strokes to give more definition to the brow and make them fuller. Crazily, the end product of microblading is still extremely natural and it is actually fairly hard to differentiate from real hairs from the fakes. However, this procedure uses pigments instead of ink so the permanent makeup is not actually permanent. As in, you are not committed to that shape and fullness for the rest of your life! The eyebrow tattoo will usually last anywhere from 1 to 2 years. Many techs recommend getting follow up treatments to maintain the full look.

If you are tired of your asymmetrical and uneven brows, then this may be your solution to perfect effortless brows (literally)! Once you get the microblading done, you won’t have to do anything! Your eyebrows will always be “on fleek” and you’ll never be walking out with sparse uneven brows again. That horror situation where you accidentally forget that you still have makeup on and accidentally wipe and erase your brow makeup on a date.

Microblading will still take some time to prepare for because the price is not super low. This procedure usually costs $500 on average, give or take. Due to the high commitment of permanence and high price point, you definitely want to think about whether you really want to get this procedure done before scheduling your appointment. This type of procedure will be really beneficial for many women who may not have full brows and feel insecure about the way their eyebrows look. Many cancer patients and women who genetically may not have a lot of eyebrow hairs have mentioned that this procedure has changed their lives and their self-confidence. Eyebrows seem like a such a small thing, but many don’t realize how big of a difference defined, full brows can have on shaping the face and creating dimension.

These days, many girls do not leave the house without filling out their eyebrows. Many can tell how much the eyebrow trends have changed throughout the years, but don’t worry microblading takes that into consideration because the whole point of it is to create realistic hair strokes in between your real hairs to create a very natural set of brows. No one wants to walk around with overly filled brows because when eyebrows are too dark or overly arched, it can make someone look a little scary or mean. It is important to be aware of how your eyebrows look and how your eyebrows should be shaped. Tech pay a lot of attention into creating the shape that is best fit for your face as to not mess up the natural way your eyebrows should look.

Again, this may be a big commitment upfront, but in the long run, you will be saving a lot of time, money, and frustration!